Your Questions About Website Design Software

Ruth asks…

Can you recommend any good website design software?

I am lookin for a really good website design software, preferably free.

Valerie answers:

Personal Webkit – its free

Richard asks…

What is a cheap yet, good website design software for a beginner?

have no knowledge of html . I am looking to design a small business website (just selling ). I have heard that there is good software out there that takes the html knowledge out of it but they are expensive. I want a relatively inexpensive one to start out with., but I want to be able to make the website look nice and original, not cookie-cutterish

Valerie answers:

I use Microsoft Frontpage ( you can try trial version, if you want), it is the best solution for me

The good thing for it, is that you don’t need to know any program language to use it

Michael asks…

What is the latest website design software the professionals use?

I mean creating html/xhtml, that has options for extras like a wysiwyg interface, standard coding. maybe options for integration with php or asp (though its not essential).

I’ve been out of the game for a year or two so im rusty as to whats the latest software for this (on a windows platform). Thanks for any help with this matter :)

Valerie answers:

DW is nothing but expensive crap. If you know how to code pages, you don’t need it. Writes bad code anyway. Don’t really recommend visual editors either, but most of the good ones allow you to edit in code source view. Just do NOT Preview your coded page in the Visual Editor as it will rewrite your code.

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