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Nancy asks…

where can i get the videos of stock market news channels?


Valerie answers:

Daniel asks…

Journalism major and marketing minor / video game industry?

I am going to be changing my major in college from business administration to journalism and a minor in marketing. The thing is I love video games. I grew up on the SNES and Super Mario Bros. I have always had the newest systems and just love all the technology surrounding them. Now on to my question.
With a major in journalism and a minor in marketing is it possible for me to jump into the video game industry such as reviewing games and or getting the latest news on upcoming games from events like E3 and other gaming expos?

Any advice from Journalist and people in the gaming industry would be well appreciated. Thanks for answers ahead of time.

PS I also love technology in general. Computers are cool and I spend about 3 days outta the week tweaking and upgrading computers. SO a career in general tech. would be awesome as well… I just love games more haha.

Valerie answers:

I hate to be the first to tell you but good luck. Journalism is a tough career field– there is so much competition. Make sure if you do major in Journalism do an internship. I am so pissed I didn’t do that in college. Everyone I know that was a journalism major, that didn’t intern–currently don’t have a job.

I was looking into the gaming industry and I have to admit those jobs are slim to none. I’m not gonna say it’s not possible. Intern Intern Intern and that will open doors to many opportunities.

Linda asks…

Is there anywhere to receive streaming audio or video relating to north american stock market? Canada & US?

Looking for a internet streaming audio relating to market news opinions etc.. would like to find one on the TSX and US markets

Valerie answers:

I would try

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