Your Questions About Small Business Marketing Strategies

Chris asks…

What’s a good book about developing Marketing strategies for small business?

straight, to the point, and an easy read is preferable =D

Valerie answers:


Susan asks…

What are some creative marketing strategies for a small business?

I sell grilled cheese to the residents in my apartment building but I want to go beyond the average sign.

Valerie answers:

The Small Business Administration is terrific source for the small business owner. Check it out.

Michael asks…

What do you think are the most effective marketing strategies for a small business just starting out?

Valerie answers:

There is actually no perfect formula for effective marketing strategy, regardless of the business size. However, I suggest that you need to be spontaneous about your marketing efforts. You should also learn the power of viral marketing— this perhaps, is the most effective and fastest way to market your business. In doing this, you could start marketing your business to your relatives and friends, and ask them a favor to recommend your business to their friends and colleagues. You should also be able to supply your marketing efforts with printed materials like business cards, leaflets, posters, etc. Also, having a website helps too. Try making a simple one and submit your url to search engines and directories. Goodluck!


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