Your Questions About Small Business Marketing Strategies

Lisa asks…

what is the best marketing strategies for newly started small business?

Valerie answers:

Hi Murad,

Who are the target for your business? Is it mainly a local or international business?
1. You can first do an ad campaign for local advertising through news releases.
2. Dstribute info of your product.
3. Set up an information web site and give contact numbers
4. Leave messages in related website forums
5. Mainly, on your visiting card print your website address and a catchy line.

All the best

Richard asks…

briefly give introduction to effect of marketing strategies on the small scale business?

Valerie answers:

A good marketing strategy has two parts. The first includes an overview of your industry and how your company fits within it. It identifies who your marketing should be targeted at and what challenges you may face when trying to read your target audience. This part also helps you hone in on your specific marketing goals (i.e. Increase client base by %). The second part is all about what you will do to reach to overcome the challenges identified in part one and how you will reach your goals (i.e. Develop brochure/ website, etc.)

The first part absolutely has to done first. The advantage of a marketing strategy is that it allows you to really put your marketing money—and your energy—to good use. It helps you Develop marketing products that will your desired outcome, so you won’t be wasting money on brochures that no-one will read or on a website that no one will visit.

David asks…

what are some inexpensive marketing strategies people have used to promote a small business?

I own a commercial/residential painting company and am fully covered by workmans comp and general liability. I have 10 guys that work for me. We are fully professional and work in complete uniforms. My goal has always to bring professionalism to my chosen trade and to offer this at a very competive rate. I want to increase to 20 guys by this summer…I want some good ideas on how to expand to double where I am at now…Thank you for any suggestions I am willing to try new marketing stategies….Joe

Valerie answers:

Getting your name out there as visibly as possible is probably most important. I’m assuming you have already investigated whether or not you are competitive. Painting sometimes is a huge expense and some people don’t understand the overhead involved, so they’ll go with a cheaper company that might not be worth a darn. However, you have to at least stay competitive.

Also you need to try to determine what you can provide your customer that no one else can.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) What are my customers current alternate choices? [example answer: a) they can hire company X b) they can do it themselves]

2) What are my strengths and what are my weaknesses over the alternate choices? [example answers: a) I deliver a faster service than company x b) People don’t have the time or equipment to do it for themselves c) My services are 3x what it cost to do-it-yourself if someone had the time

3) How can I explain or defend my weaknesses? [example answers: a) time is money b) I can provide a warranty c) I provide no-hassles.

4) What’s in it for them? Why should they spend their money with your company versus Company X or just do it themselves?

Once you have all these questions answered…and write as much as you can…you’ll have the basis of creating a plan to making your customers happy and making your business stronger. Use this information in your literature, you sales pitches, Your advertising….everything. It becomes the basis of who you are.

Also explore things like warranties and customer referral rewards.

Good luck.

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