Your Questions About Proximity Marketing

Maria asks…

Marketing Jobs!?

I have a friend that ot a degree in Business Admin with an emphasis in Marketing. She lives in a very small town about an hour to hour and a half from any large city. She worked for me full time part of her way through college. She had excellent skills and was very ethical. She earned her way into management and as a management trainer and was successful at both while still attending college full time. She thought that the company was going to move her into its marketing department but the company had major money problems and couldn’t promote her and doesn’t look like it will be able to any time soon. She loves marketing and is desperate to get into this field. But can hardly even get a response to her resume’. She has tried getting on with major corporations and wouldn’t mind getting on with a minor one but she’s not able to just up and move without a job. I don’t think they are considering her because of her lack of experience in marketing and her proximity. Any suggestions for her?

Valerie answers:

She should consider an internship somwhere to get more experience, it isn’t as rare as it might seem to take one after you’ve graduated. I would also consider sales for a marketing company, or working as media buyer or receptionist as a foot in the door type of thing.

Another problem might be an address, if she is applying to places out of state they may think she wants them to pay relocation and that can be a detractor.

Jenny asks…

What is the best place to start a car plant?

In regaurd to:
a) Proximity to markets
b) Access to raw materials
c) Supply of skilled and cheap labor

Valerie answers:

If the labor is skilled, it won’t be cheap. If you try to get them on the cheap, quality will suffer and your customers will punish you.

There are other issues at play. Regulations governing your car and production processes can be substantial. Transportation is another biggie. Companies like Toyota, Honda, Hundai (sp?), Mercedes, and BMW have built plants in the US in order to save money on ships across oceans. This also allows them to be more responsive to customers. I actually had to consider getting a putty colored Cressida once because the color I wanted wasn’t in the country and not on the next ship expected in. (I bought an Oldsmobile instead).

For the most part, you can put it just about anywhere you want. The French Air Car had their nice little factories all over (except the US, they got greedy and it hurt them), whereever the franchise buyer lived or felt like it.

Charles asks…

When looking for a manufacturing facility for computers?

What is more important: Proximity of the target market, business climate, labor supply, proximity to raw materials?

Valerie answers:

Obviously all of the above have to be thoughout of, but the best answer is proximity to raw material cause if u get your product parts made in asia and quality testing is done in Mexico and packaging done in Canada, your product ends up costing more than it’s built with low cost.

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