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Ruth asks…

Web Page Template – Why?

What is the point in creating a web page template in Photoshop, adding buttons and search fields? How do you then make use of the buttons and search field? How do you add text and content to it. Can a template created in Photoshop be exported to Fireworks so one can add functioning buttons..Most of all HOW DOES ONE ADD TEXT AND CONTENT TO THE TEMPLATE AND AREAS SUCH AS TEXT FIELDS?..Any websites or detailed instructions…Thanks very much

Valerie answers:

Usually I put fields and text in my photoshop template when I’m laying it out. However, when I’m exporting the files to be used on the website itself, i just pick the parts I need (Images, logos) and all the rest will be created in html when I’m putting it together.

Jenny asks…

How much should I charge for single page, one-off web designs?

I have just been offered a job doing the designs for letting companies web sites. I have no idea how much to charge.

As far as I am aware, they are the designs for the websites, which the developers code up with all the search features and stuff.

So how much should I charge them per template?

Valerie answers:

Work it out on how long it will take you, so if it takes five hours then work out a good hourly rate for yourself. You don’t want to spend like ten hours on a project and take only $5 per hour !!

Hope this helps

William asks…

How best to use html templates for 50 basically identical websites ?


I work for a Freight company and we want to produce fairly simply coded html/css websites for all the countries we deal with. Around 50.

The content for each will be individual but the layout, page names and colouring exactly the same.

I have been advised to use tempaltes in SQL but have only experience producing one off websites.

Also if you did use this route how would you edit the individual sites.

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated.


That strikes me as a complicated way of achieving the goal, specially as I have NO experience using SQL and very little with php.

An example of a competitors website which bascially used this type of setup is

That is the same as etc etc etc. but to look at the page source you would’nt know ? and they are html page rather than php ?

Valerie answers:

Personally I would have 1 website to serve the 50 (or more countries).

Use ASP.NET or some other more advanced web programming than HTML.

The querystring, has the country.
For example:

ASP has by default a dynamic layout page. You pull off the content however you like, but you will only have to design, maintain and upload just one website with just a few pages.
The very cool dynamic powerful way can be done with with ItemRepeaters, DataSets and SQL.
You can get cheaply domain name service which would redirect: to, if you really need to hide behind the 50 websites thing.

I think there are frames or other nightmare layout ways of doing this with just HTML. This way you can have a standard website base, your dynamic content in country specific html files.


ANOTHER possible but high crap way, if you don’t move up to ASP or PHP, is to create your own template HTML website with special text place holders.
You then run your magic string replacement program (which you would neeed to write) which would then make your 50 websites for you. Pulling the content from files somehow.
Even this sounds a bit backwards, but if you need to make a change to all 50 websites then this will atleast be able to cope with that.


If you know for sure, there will be no futher changes, then just some good CSS and clean and simple HTML with lots off comments will suffice. Doing it all by hand.

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