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Lisa asks…

We want to attract more customers to our website and ebay shop. What are the best ways on a restricted budget?

We currently link to many sites and its been mentioned in passing linking our ebay shop to our myspace page and vice versa can do wonders for traffic and sales.

Has anyone else done anything similar to boost sales and traffic?

Which other sites are good for linking to webshops/ebay shops etc?

Valerie answers:

Your advertising and promotion, in any capacity, is the product of three factors:

– Money
– Brains / Talent
– Time

There is no way to cheat this, whatsoever. If you’re short on money, invest more time and brains.

If that’s your question (how do I invest more time and brains then, Charlie?) then go to and buy yourself a copy of Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson.

Go on, quick. Time is going to mean a lot to you.

Sandy asks…

Which day in My Pet Shop (not littlest) do u start getting more customers asking for animals?

I am on day 51 on My Pet Shop on ds and all its asking me to do is brush the same old peoples pets wash,walk or feed them which day do you start getting new customers?

Valerie answers:

I played the game and i got it at day 101.

Donna asks…

Gaia drawing shop needs more customers?

I made a joint drawing shop, and we were really excited about it… but NO ONE HAS COME THERE!
Any advice or “marketing techniques”?

Any way to improve the page?$

I know that we need more reference photos of our work, but due to the availibility of a scanner… It hasn’t been updated.
Any help is appriciated greatly.

Valerie answers:

I’d change the baby blue font color, it hurts my eyes and i had to highlight it in order to be able to read could just be me though. And the yellow font was nearly impossible too(again at least to me)

Also, had to re-read the pricing many times in order to understand it

Charles asks…

How do you think a shop could attract more customers?

Valerie answers:


Susan asks…

How do I advertise and get more customers to my new ebay shop? (Kirstys Card Den)?

Valerie answers:

Make sure that 70% of your listing are in BIN or Auctions… I also own an ebay shop which is how i know as unless people search in the shop section of ebay the wont find the item listed in SIF even though at the minute i have no BIN or autions it is because i am doing my shop you could also list your banner in other ebay shops to drive traffic there for any more advice you can visit the ebay shops commuinity forum.
Hope i helped

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