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David asks…

Which of the following best describes the differences between Boston and Nebraska in “A Wagner Matinee”?

Boston is a place for the young, while Nebraska is a place for the old.

Boston is a place for individual achievement, while Nebraska is a place for communal activities.

Boston is safe and civilized, while Nebraska is rugged and unsettled.

Boston is old-fashioned and dull, while Nebraska is young and exciting

How does Ernest Hemingway symbolically represent the psychological damage and loss caused by the war experiences of the soldiers in his short story “In Another Country”?

He uses the fact that the narrator is American rather than Italian to represent the damage.

He uses the tragic death of the major’s wife to represent the damage.

He uses the Italian setting in the story to represent the damage.

He uses the physical injuries the soldiers suffer to represent the damage.

The narrator of “In Another Country” describes the three Italian soldiers with medals as “hunting-hawks” because they, unlike him, __________.

dread returning to the front

are fearless fighting men

play football with speed and fierceness

did nothing to earn their medals

What does Eudora Welty employ as a metaphor for life in “A Worn Path”?

the callous behavior of the people Phoenix Jackson meets

the sickness of Phoenix Jackson’s grandson

Phoenix Jackson’s encounter with the white man

Phoenix Jackson’s journey into town

In “A Worn Path,” Phoenix Jackson ultimately shows herself to be someone whose actions are all done out of __________.

dedication and love to her grandson

selfishness and bitterness over her predicament

confusion and anger about illness

confidence and faith in medicine

In Black Boy, the young Richard Wright associates the bitterness and pain he feels over being abandoned by his father with __________.

the disgrace of being beaten by the boys

the hopelessness of impressing his mother

the fear that he will fail his family

the pain he feels when he is hungry

By the end of the excerpt from Black Boy that you read in this unit, Richard Wright learns that he must __________.

stand up for himself to control his destiny

forgive his father for abandoning the family

avoid violent action even if it will solve a problem

question whether his mother’s advice is unreliable

As “The Inside Search” begins, why is Zora Neale Hurston’s grandmother upset with Zora for riding with white people who pass through their village?

She learns that Zora is stealing money from the people with whom she rides.

She worries that Zora will offend the white people and face violent consequences.

She thinks that Zora is going to run away from home at a very young age.

She is afraid that Zora will be kidnapped by the white people and never be seen again.

By the end of “The Inside Search,” Zora Neale Hurston recognizes that __________

her beauty and athleticism are tools that she can use to help her see the wider world

her grandmother’s warnings are based on worries that do not apply to people of her generation

her friends at home are more important than any people she might meet outside of her village

her intelligence can lead her to new and different experiences and opportunities

In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, what fear does William Faulkner say negatively influences many modern writers?

the fear of being average and quickly forgotten

the fear of being less talented than previous generations of writers

the fear of being demeaned or ignored by literary critics

the fear of being destroyed by an atomic bomb

In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, William Faulkner insists that great writing must focus on “universal truths” and __________.

the essential fear of death that all people carry inside themselves

the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself

the unique and temporary issues confronting the current generation

the question of whether the writer is even necessary to society

Valerie answers:


Linda asks…

Why do the DemocRATS oppose Cut, Cap, and Balance?

Recently, the United States Senate rejected “Cut, Cap, and Balance” on a party line vote. I don’t get how Democrats could even pretend to say they are fiscally responsible if they can’t even support a bill that will set us on the path to fiscal sanity. I’m 14, and the more I hear Democrats and their tools from the mainstream media(MSNBC especially), all I see are lies, manipulations, distortion, and hot air. Democrats dismissed the bill as extreme. Do you know what’s really extreme? Leaving a massive debt for my generation. They don’t want to balance the budget and refuse to add that amendment to the Constitution. This means the debt will continue to rise. Even if we cut spending, if we don’t have a balanced budget, the national debt will continue to rise. This is completely unsustainable and could lead to the downfall of the US. Cut, cap, and balance is nowhere near enough. It simply balances the budget over time, meaning the national debt will not grow. We need surpluses to pay down the debt. House Republicans in the late 90′s did a great job of this by taking the power from Bill Clinton and cutting spending. And they were 1 freaking vote in the Senate away from a balanced budget amendment: I could only imagine how great our economy would be right now if this passed. The crushing deficit is killing our economy. The massive government spending is taking away money from the private economy, causing the economy to flounder. 73% of the American people support a balanced budget amendment. This includes Republicans and Democrats. Even though I really don’t like Democrats, I know those career politicians want to keep their jobs. They must love their trillion dollar credit card so much they forget the fact that they’re public servants. They’re accountable to the people and the Democrats aren’t doing their job of passing a budget.

Please, America, vote every last Democrat out of office in 2012. It perturbs me that people who can’t say “vote” in English can vote in people who waste our money, yet I have very little say in the matter when my generation is affected most by liberal spending policies.

Herman Cain 2012!
Raising the corporate tax rate would crush the economy. Even Democrats want to lower the rate. Now that’s saying something.

Valerie answers:

Cut spending? You mean we might have to have a more efficient government and save 18 billion?


Cap spending? But what about Amtrak? We have been putting money down that hole forever. It has to work sometime

And education? We have increased spending on education 49% over the last 20 years and test scores are still abysmal. Shouldn’t we keep spending more? How can we cap it? Isn’t there a magic dollar amount?
Art? What about art? Will we cap what we spend on it?
Medicare fraud? Will we cap what is being paid fraudulently? How can we be so cruel!

Balance? Never. We cannot be expect the government to spend only what it brings in. They just cannot do it. There are turtle crossings that need to be built. There are socially conscious puppet shows that have not been written yet. And what about all those dead people? What happens if they don’t get stimulus checks or tax rebates anymore? Have you heartless people thought about this!

Sharon asks…

Why are the majority of the youths’ education in North America inept in the English language?

I try very hard, but I cannot seem to write properly with the traditional tools of the pen and paper while I can see clearly what I am writing about on a monitor screen with a keyboard.

One of my in-class assignments was hand-written. I received the latest in-class assignments back from my professor and I felt my heart sunk into a void where I essentially believed that I could not write, read, or even speak the English language. I felt horrible. I was shattered into a million pieces. I choked on my own spit and my mind ran shaking thoughts of discontinue going to school. I felt that discouraged as the markings on my assignment reminded me of the times during elementary where the teachers had to point out every single mistake I had made on a paragraph as I could not comprehend the proper structure of a paragraph or its sentences. At that moment, my mind went blank, detached, mindless you may say, but as I walked out of that classroom, I wanted to cry. I felt humiliated and undetermined to do anything accomplishing.

All of my life I had always thought of myself inept in the English language until my college years. My professors then were very encouraging and found my writing works excellent for business and politics. However, from those encouragements alone made me wanted to step up from college to university into a Humanities program. It was a whole different level. The writing and reading was obviously academic and on a higher scale than what a young adult or a teenager would be able to read on a swift speed. Who can truly understand H.L.A. Hart’s concepts and criticisms of natural law and legal positivists’ theories through one read? I certainly cannot. The words just are not simply processing in my mind. I wish there was another way. Perhaps I should change majors and not aspire to be a lawyer. It’s expensive (except in Quebec) and difficult to accomplish when practising as one. I know this because I currently work for a lawyer in a private law firm.

Anyway, my boss complained about how the youth of today’s generation are not adept in the English language. They cannot write, spell, or even read properly. We are always on a fast-paced level where we cannot stop for one minute to figure things out slowly and meticulously. We never try to slow down, and whenever we do, we are considered to be mentally retarded or slow. The faster we go, the faster we try, we are depicted as fast learners, thinkers, and achievers. Perhaps. If not so, then from your point of view, what is the case with most of the today’s youth generation has an inept understanding of the English language from its most simple basic to complex structures. For instance, it’s not statue, it’s statute. It’s not lead, it’s led. Small things like it’s or its or its’, or Boss’ or boss’s, etc… to complexities such as dangling modifiers. I have never heard of them before! Not until we were lectured in tutorial class from the same professor who implied I sucked horribly in the English language.

Well, anyway, you can voice you opinion about it, doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, I just want to hear from you.

Thank you.

Valerie answers:

To write well, you have to have read a lot of good writing. Nobody reads anymore.

I was an English Major. Never had any problems writing. But I read all the Great Books, and knew what good writing felt like. Like everything else, familiarity counts.

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