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Mark asks…

In a B2B direct mailing program for lead generation – what kind of offers are successful ??

Is knowledge (read : whitepapers/ books) the only real options ?? How can one arrive at what offer is most attractive as to get maximum number of people to respond ???

Valerie answers:

That’s 3 questions!

What kind of offers are successful ?? – Much depends on your audience and marketplace – for example a free solar calculator offer to Fortune 500 CEO’s to sell million dollar consulting probably won’t work… But it might work great as a lead gen premium for young CPA’s who just got their certificate. I would look at message to market match, and also consider the value of a response to guide my thinking. For example I would spend quite a bit on FedEx and other gimmicks, to ship a very expensive premium to those CEO’s, in order to get their (staff’s) attention, but only if my offer is really something that CEO’s buy.

Also, remember 1 is the worst number in direct mail: you must do a sequence of mailings to really get the numbers back.

Is knowledge (read : whitepapers/ books) the only real options ??
No… But they are well proven and low cost. The trick is have a good topic, well-written, provide useful info without being “sales-ey” but have a way to get the prospect to act on the next step.

Where most whitepaper offers fail is all of the above, plus their followup is non-existent or just plain weak. Understand your prospects buying cycle and realize that whitepapers are usually a very early stage, so you have to have a “trickle” program that runs for a very long time – in some industries, for years.

How can one arrive at what offer is most attractive as to get maximum number of people to respond ???
Test and track… Test and track… Repeat.

David asks…

Has anyone used Housevalue real estate leads or leads from Lending tree. Which company is better?

Has anyone used leads or leads from Lending tree? I’ve been getting Real estate leads from Housevalues “Just Listed” and was wondering if with Lending tree provides better leads or a better lead generation program. It would be great to hear from real estate agents that have actually utilized either lead generation programs and how they like it. Thanks

Valerie answers:

House Values had a bevy of promises and answers for every question I asked. I am not easily persuaded and did my due diligence with regards to how effective their screening process was. The sales rep promised, albeit their contract didn’t, that each person that made an internet query was contacted by phone, to ensure it was legitimate, before it ever got sent to a Realtor as a viable lead. My first 5 leads, upon speaking with them, had never been contacted by anyone to inquire if they were truly seeking the assistance of a Realtor. They were simply trying to glean the value of their homes and “had to fill out all the blanks to get to the next screen”, etc.

I cancelled the contract – immediately for their blatant misrepresentation – again, not in writing. They did not refund my advance payment either. is expensive in my opinion and not worth the money.

I would seek a company that only gets paid when you actually close a deal; whether you’re representing the buyer or the seller.

I’ve established a great referral source and have sold 3 of their leads in 2 months, which of course yields me more leads, because they’re making 25%. It’s a true mutually beneficial working relationship.

If I may make one suggestion. With 74% of the population seeking information on the internet first, when planning to sell or purchase – I would spend all of my money on internet advertising and ensuring that you have a great webmaster. I have acquired the majority of my clientele from the internet, for the Las Vegas market.

Best of luck to you.

Ruth asks…

What questions should I ask?

i am a senior in college and am going to an interview next week for a position in a sales management program for a company called Bankers Life and Casualty Company. Normally im never nervous in interviews and always have done well but this particular interview i was told to bring questions and to tell you the truth im not sure on what even ask about, im so used to them asking me.

here’s a lil info about the company:
Established in 1879, Bankers is one of the only companies in the country devoted exclusively to the financial security needs of seniors. We offer a broad portfolio of health and life insurance and retirement savings products through our nationwide network of more than 160 branch offices. And with the Baby Boom generation approaching retirement, both our company and our industry are experiencing dramatic growth.

We’re recruiting both entry-level and experienced sales professionals with:
· Proven leadership capabilities
· Strong communication and interpersonal skills
· Interest in joining the fast-growing baby boomer/senior insurance market
· Drive for rapid advancement into an insurance sales management position
· Desire to earn a six-figure salary with the freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestyle
· Ambition, competitive mind-set and strong work ethic
· Commitment to making a difference in people’s lives everyday

If selected, you’ll receive:
· Unlimited income potential (associate managers earn $60K to $100K; top managers earn upwards of $200K)
· Competitive commissions and compensation package
· Opportunity to earn quarterly bonuses and exciting sales incentive trips
· Formal training in our nationally-recognized Bankers Learning Network program
· Access to Bankers’ lead generation and sales technology programs
· Freedom to be your own boss, but with the support of large corporation

So basically i just want some examples of what kind of questions i should be asking?

thank you for your help.

Valerie answers:

Ask them… How do you climb a horizontal latter?

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