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Joseph asks…

iPhone or AT&T Tilt?

im in the market for a new smartphone as my blackberry pearl just crapped out on me. i want to keep it less than $450 and ive pretty much narrowed it down to an the apple iphone or the AT&T tilt.

i prefer the tilt because of the slide out qwerty keyboard, windows mobile 6, 3mp camera, and built in gps. if the media player works well, i would buy an 8gb chip for all my music and use a bluetooth headset.

the iphone on the other hand, has a nice ipod feature along with wifi, and i could also get 16gb for the same price as the tilt.

i want to know what your opinions on these 2 devices are. im leaning towards the tilt as i am very comfortable with windows mobile and it is compatible with alot of desktop software (like word, excel, powerpoint, media player, etc), whereas the iphone is very cool but would be like learning a whole new system.

the iphone is fun, but can it be productive like a WM based device?

Valerie answers:

If you are the computer geek type and you get the iPhone you will regret it. The Tilt is a powerful pocket COMPUTER that also does a great job as a cell phone. The iPhone is a beautiful smartphone whose finesse is until now not surpassed but don’t expect MMS messaging or adding a lot of programs and GPS and on and on. It is really not fair to compare the two because they are worlds apart. Do you want a beautiful cell phone or a powerful pocket computer?

Linda asks…

T-mobile G1 or Iphone 3g? help!Also good phone Plans?

Im thinking of getting one of them, but i don’t know which one. here are some of things i want in a phone-
touch capability, qwerty keyboard, bluetooth, voice dialing, application market or store, good battery life,
also if you can tell me some good affordable phone plans for these phones

Valerie answers:

Well the G1 is touch and has a qwerty. While the iphone is touch but it’s qwerty is built into the touch screen. That was a big turn off for me. I like the tactile feel of actual buttons versus the screen. I also found that I hate not being able to copy and paste with the iphone… Idk if there has been a change in the newer iphones with relation to that or not.

AT&T (who carries the iphone) has great customer service. REALLY great customer service as far as you calling into their customer support lines. Tmobile tends to be a bit cheaper as far as rate plans and xtras. For example, I have unlimited calling, unlimited txting, and unlimited data transfer. I pay 49 for the calls and the txt and data plan are considered one so I only pay 20 for both the unlimited txt and data. While with AT&T their data plans and txt plans are seperate and will run you more than 20 for both. So At&t tends to be a bit more.

You’ll have to get a data plan for either one of those phones. With AT&T and the iphone they have a seperate iphone data plan that is required. Tmo will have something similar with the G1 I’m not too familar with what they will cost you.

You should check out both of those carrier’s websites and compare prices.

Personally I would get a G1 in white. =]

Charles asks…

any MP3 players with a bluetooth,so we can share music?

I have a business idea which is to produce a mp3 player which has bluetooth on it so ppl can share their music with each other.
What do you think about this product. Iphone can only send files through wifi which only avaiable on Iphone.
I think this is a good idea but wondering why there is no such thing on the market yet
I thought about the copyright, I think it is like torrent download, I only provide a product.ppl who want to share music with other can share it on the mp3, but ppl who think it might break the law, just dont do it.
Torrent, file sharing, and all the sharing device breaks the law if ppl who use it.
am I right?
what about limeware

Valerie answers:

The reason?COPYWRIGHT!
Unless you want everyone to pay for TWO songs,sharing a song is illegal.
Remember what happened to Kazaa?They were just “sharing” music,but got a $100 million fine instead.

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