Your Questions About Bluetooth Marketing

Chris asks…

how to go about bluetooth marketing?

i want to send a file (music file) to phones at a gig off my mac book.
obviously i don’t want to send it to each person separately. i need to send it to at least 35 people at the same time but i cant find any (free if possible) software. anyone help??
like not exactly at the same time, but just bulk send. please help
like not exactly at the same time, but just bulk send. please help

Valerie answers:

There are companies out there that sell the service. The system works by constantly searching for Bluetooth phones and automatically sends your message to all phones found in range. The owners can either accept or decline your message.

Here are examples of the service;

Paul asks…

Where can I find APAC Bluetooth market information?

Can you recommend the web site or any resources to find Bluetooth market information such as usage, applications, case studies, etc…

Valerie answers:

You need wirlss interneet and thrn you go on your psp and connect it .th closr you are to the pc the more intr net conection you get or go around your neighbour hoodtrying it

Mark asks…

does bluetooth marketing work?

Valerie answers:


Using bluetooth technology as a way of marketing can works , but when you take in consideration that you deliver rich media , informational and usefull content that can not be delivered to users in other simple way than requesting them to accept a message file to their mobiles , its much more interesting to receive an interactive map of an exhibition showing exhibitors details and locations than carrying a big map for same info , imagine sending an interactive media rich promotions guide to your mobile while your are visiting your nearest shopping mall instead of missing an offer because you wasn’t in the right corner while you was shopping , marketers can also save a lot of costs spent on printing and spreading printed promotions that some time just dropped to the tray a few seconds after

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